Our Winners


As recent university graduates at the beginning of their careers, Team Riko deeply empathized with the challenges students face in discovering their ideal pathway. In just six short weeks, the group contacted over 400 guidance counsellors, teachers, high school and postsecondary students to develop the Riko mobile app. Riko helps students find their future through a gameified career-discovery algorithm and personalized video insights from relatable mentors. The end result is a dynamic tool that keeps students engaged outside of the classroom.


Communitechies chose to participate in the Student Pathways Challenge because team members experienced difficulties when applying to university. Struggling to find high quality, centralized information about university programs and their various academic requirements, Communitechies built their own take on a solution. Their tool offers students a clear and user-friendly way of presenting different career paths through the use of personal information - like course grades, personality traits, and interests.

Team Pave

Combining user research with a comparative analysis of existing solutions, and engaging the Student Ambassadors Pave identified two key issues high school students face today when making post-secondary to career decisions: (1) lack of resources to understand how their skills and experiences may contribute to future employment (2) anxiety and stress about making the ‘decision of your life’ during high school years. Through two rounds of user testing, Pave created an interactive tool that visualizes publicly available information related to career options using a colourful interactive platform that puts users in the driver’s seat, imagining career paths that are best suited to them.